Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a fingerprint?

You can scan a birth certificate, death certificate, military documents. Or watch our video on “obtaining a fingerprint” here.

How to obtain a baby footprint?

Scan a birth certificate, create your own ink print.

Can you make a charm from a dog’s footprint?

Yes. We can reduce a dog print so it can be placed onto a charm.

How long will it take to complete my order?

Most orders are completed within 48 hours of receiving your print.

How safe is my fingerprint file?

Your information NEVER leaves our facility. We keep your file in our system for future orders.

How long is the warranty?

Each charm comes with a warranty against defects for the lifetime of the charm.

How can I pay for my order using my scrap gold?

Simply send us your scrap gold. We will contact you with the value of your gold BEFORE we complete your order. If your value is more than the cost of the charm you will receive a check for the balance when your charm arrives. If you decide not to sell your gold, it will be shipped back to you immediately.